Large Project Services

Colliers’s service offering ensures peace of mind for clients throughout the entire life-cycle of any project.



All planning and legal preparation for the project required a much higher level of attention to details; Colliers has proved to be a very valuable partner in this process and has greatly help us meeting our targets to deliver the new plant on time and on budget Benoit Rimaz, General Manager Industrial Operation , Volvo Construction Equipment (China) Co. Ltd.


In addition to, or alongside, any of Colliers' services we can offer a range of green and sustainable services that will increase your business' sustainable profile, be cost effective, and will future proof your development for tightening environmental controls across China. Services include green building certification management, audits and inspections, feasibility studies, and management of the installation of sustainable technology.

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Planning and Due Diligence:

Proper planning lays the foundations for the development of the project by ensuring that the assumptions underlying the business case are validated within the China context, the necessary legal structures are in place, the location is identified and confirmed and any necessary due-diligence is underway.

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Project Definition:

Our Project Definition services aim to capture the specifications and requirements of a project. The project definition report should provide enough information for a board to decide whether to move forward (or not) with the investment, based on captured requirements, predicted budget, time scale, and project risks.

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Design and Tender Management:

During design management, the team will review the detailed designs provided by the licensed design institute (LDI), checking that the detail has not forgotten the original requirements laid out in the project definition stage. Colliers’ advanced tendering procedures will assess tenders and allow clients to confidently select the partners required to take the project into construction.

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Construction Management:

During constructioni Colliers will coordinate and oversee input from all necessary specialists, contractors and suppliers, maintaining programme, budget and quality. In the event that challenges materialise we will advise our client on how best to deal with them and manage that process through to completion.

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Post Completion Services:

Issues identified within the warranty period will be the contractor’s responsibility to rectify. Colliers can provide warranty period inspections, reports detailing any issues, and appropriate contractor management for any required rectifications.

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Site Closure and Relocation:

Colliers can provide detailed planning of decommissioning, demolition and remediation of projects including tender management of necessary suppliers, statutory approvals mapping and support as well as full project management, environmental and legal support.

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